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Send Multi Media messages

Send MMS messages to UK Mobiles using the IntellSoftware MMS Service. The IntelliSoftware MMS Service is a fast, reliable and affordable solution for sending and receiving MMS messages. The IntelliSoftware MMS Platform provides 2-way MMS messaging allowing you to send and receive MMS messages from your PC or in-house systems.

You can send MMS messages in the following ways:

Web to MMS

Send MMS from your Web Browser

Send MMS messages using your web browser

MMS Gateway API

Send MMS from your in-house systems

Send MMS messages from your in-house systems and applications

.Net Component HTTP Interface

IntelliSoftware MMS Gateway features:

MMS Message Costs

Message Size Credits Per Recipient
upto 29696 bytes 4.0 Credits
over 29696 bytes 5.0 Credits

Please click here for credit price lists.

NOTE: Maximum message size is 100K Bytes.

Free MMS Trial

Please feel free to trial our MMS service, simply click here to register and you can start to send MMS messages immediately with 2 free evaluation credits.

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