Release Notes

Release Date: 09/10/2012 - ActiveSMS Version: 5.2
  • ActiveSMS: Fix compatibility issue with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 8. Compatibility issues related to User Account Control (UAC) features of these operating systems.
  • ActiveSMS: Fix compatibility issues with x64 operating systems.
  • ActiveSMSClientDotNet: .Net interface assembly now shipped with x86 and x64 versions.
  • AT Transport: Fixed issue decoding delivery reports on O2 (Ireland).
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Fix duplicate message issue with MDeamon email serve. Fix enable by configuration item.
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Release Date: 07/10/2010 - ActiveSMS Version: 5.1
  • AT Transport: Added ability to configure default type-of-number for sent messages
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Changes to Unicode format selection criteria
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Fix to support percent (%) characters in an email address
  • Email to SMS Gateway: POP3 Polling: Added more detailed error logging
  • Email to SMS Gateway: POP3 Polling: Improvement to connection reliability
  • SMS to Email Gateway: Changes to expand single LF characters into CRLF pairs in email body
  • SMS to Email Gateway: Changes to remove LF and CR characters from email subject
  • SMS to Email Gateway: Fixed character encoding issues in email subject line
  • SMS to Email Gateway: SMTP Client: Fixed issue when '220' appears in welcome message
  • System Health Monitoring: Fix: Not able to individually disable monitored items
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Release Date: 06/12/2006 - ActiveSMS Version: 5.0
  • ActiveSMS System health monitoring and alerting system (ActiveSMS Advanced Only) (See User Manual Section 5)
  • COM API: Notification.Status returns incorrect random value
  • Command Line: Support the sending of new line character in SMS message
  • Command Line: Support the sending to multiple recipients
  • Databases: Support for MySQL Databases for Queuing and Logging databases
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Access Control added to restrict the email users that can send SMS messages (ActiveSMS Professional and Advanced Only)
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Configuration of IP address binding for SMTP Server
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Configuration of POP3 Polling Period
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Improved SMS Format editor
  • Email to SMS Gateway: POP Polling - Fixed problem with long email (>1M) taken a long time to transfer
  • GSM Transport: Fixed issue with COM port greater then COM9
  • GSM Transport: Fixed SMS receive issue with Samsung S300 GSM Modem
  • GSM Transport: Signal strength indication for GSM devices
  • GSM Transport: Wavecom Fastrack M1206B Receive SMS Problem on some devices
  • HTTP Transport: Add support for userkey field in message submission
  • HTTP Transport: Added support concatenated messages
  • HTTP Transport: Added support for binary and unicode messages
  • Licence: Fixed Problem were valid licence sometimes reported as invalid
  • Receive Script: Fixed problem handling double quotes inside message
  • Receive Script: HTTP Message forwarding supports reply message submission in HTTP response (See User Manual Section 8.1.1)
  • Setup Wizard: Prompt for country to setup international rules
  • SMS to Email Gateway: Fixed incompatibility issue with SMTP servers that return multiple 220 lines on connection
  • SMS to Email Gateway: Improved Email Template Editor
  • SMS to Email Gateway: Support multiple email address specified in SMS message
  • SMS to Email Gateway: Support multiple email address specified in the configured 'To Address'
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Release Date: 01/02/2005 - ActiveSMS Version: 4.4.2
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Added support for sending Unicode message
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Fix problem when email starts with a blank line
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Support Exchange Distribution List support
  • SMS To Email Gateway: Support Clear test password authentication for Outgoing SMTP connection
  • TAP Transport: Add multiblock support
  • TAP Transport: Add support for password
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Release Date: 29/11/2004 - ActiveSMS Version: 4.4.1
  • GSM Transport: Add error reporting for Parity errors
  • SMS Logging: Added source and destination email address/name fields to SMS message logs
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Release Date: 14/07/2004 - ActiveSMS Version: 4.4
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Add support for CC Fields
  • Email to SMS Gateway: POP3 Polling - Be able to configure POP3 Port used
  • HTTP Transport: Fixed problem with long text submissions
  • Setup Wizard: New feature - ActiveSMS Setup Wizard
  • SMS to Email Gateway: Add diagnostic trace logging
  • SMS to Email Gateway: Be able to configure SMTP Port used
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Release Date: 28/05/2004 - ActiveSMS Version: 4.3.1
  • ActiveSMS: Added international dialling rule to map from national to international numbers
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Fixed compatibility issue with SurfControl
Download ActiveSMS Version 4.3.1
Release Date: 01/01/2004 - ActiveSMS Version: 4.3
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Added contact cache, cached information is used to generate 'from' field in reply emails and reports
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Added smart routing feature
  • GSM Transport: Fixed issue with ConCat message when MsgId rolls-over 255
  • TAP Transport: Tap error with long messages
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Release Date: 25/10/2003 - ActiveSMS Version: 4.2.2
  • AT Transport: Fixed issue with MsgConCat splitting 0x1B character pairs across message parts
  • TAP Transport: ActiveSMS Service hangs on start-up with TAP selected
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Release Date: 25/09/2003 - ActiveSMS Version: 4.2.1
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Allow transport to be specified in email
  • GSM Transport: Full ASCII to GSM03.38 conversion
  • GSM Transport: PIN code required detection
  • GSM Transport: Support delivery report for GSM Device: WaveCOM WDOM2
  • HTTP Transport: Added support for HTTPS
  • SMS to Email Gateway: Added support for configurable templates
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Release Date: 27/04/2003 - ActiveSMS Version: 4.1.1
  • Email to SMS Gateway: Added email report for message sent
  • SMS to Email Gateway: Added full configurability for Email reports
Download ActiveSMS Version 4.1.1
Release Date: 14/04/2003 - ActiveSMS Version: 4.1
  • ActiveSMS Server: Expose time and date for received messages
  • ActiveSMS: Implemented in memory queuing option
  • GSM Transport: Multipart message support
  • GSM Transport: SMSC Number configuration
  • GSM Transport: Unicode support
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Release Date: 14/03/2003 - ActiveSMS Version: 4.0.1
Download ActiveSMS Version 4.0.1
Release Date: 09/03/2003 - ActiveSMS Version: 4.0
  • ActiveSMS Server: Add 'Message Send Failure' Notification
  • ActiveSMS Server: Message logging (including timestamp)
  • GSM Transport: Baudrate selection
  • GSM Transport: Support for GSM devices that do not echo (e.g. some wavecom WMOD2)
  • GSM Transport: Support PIN code entry
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