ActiveSMS 5.2

On-premise SMS software using GSM Modems

ActiveSMS is a 2-way SMS messaging server for the Windows platform. ActiveSMS is designed to integrate into your Email System and Bespoke Applications to provide 2-way SMS services.

Block Diagram


2-way messagingActiveSMS can send and receive SMS messages making it ideal to build applications that interact with mobile users.
2-way email gatewayActiveSMS integrates with existing mail systems to provide 2-way messaging from a standard email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).  more info >>
COM component interfaceSend and receive SMS messages using any language that supports COM, including ASP Pages, JScript, VBScript, C++, VB (samples are provided).
.NET component interfaceSend and receive SMS messages using the .NET component. Provides support for ASP.NET and WebForms.
message loggingIncoming and outgoing messages can be logged to a Text File or Database. Ideal for building a database of phone numbers.
command line interfaceSend text messages from the command line. This is ideal for sending alert messages in system management solutions.
multiple SMS transportsActiveSMS supports the following transports: GSM Modem, Mobile phone, HTTP (Internet Gateway) and TAP.  more info >>
scripting supportYou can create scripts to run on message reception. For example you could send a confirmation response back to the sender.  more info >>

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Product Comparison

Feature ActiveSMS
Transports Supported 1 2* 8
Supports GSM Modem \ Handset Y Y Y
Internet Gateway Support Y Y Y
Supports TAP Protocol Y Y Y
Message Logging   Y Y
COM Interface Y Y Y
ActiveX Control   Y Y
Outgoing SMS Text Messages Y Y Y
Incoming SMS Text Messages   Y Y
Email to SMS Gateway Y Y Y
SMS to Email Gateway   Y Y
SendSMS Command Line Utility Y Y Y
Outgoing Message Queuing Y Y Y
Incoming Message Queuing   Y Y
SMS Delivery Reports   Y Y
Script based message handling   Y Y
Internal Health Monitoring     Y
Price 99
Free trial version (30 days) download
free trial
free trial
free trial
  * 1 outgoing and 1 incoming

System Requirements

Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 2011 SBS
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
(ActiveSMS is 32bit program that is compatible on 32bit and 64bit systems)
Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT4
10Mbytes of free Disk Space

SMS Transports

GSM Modem - e.g. WaveCom GSM Modem
GSM Mobile Phone - e.g. Nokia 6310i with DLR-3 Cable, Ericsson R520 with DRS-11 Cable
Internet Gateway - Send messages via our Internet to SMS Gateway 
TAP Protocol - Send messages via a Telephone Landline 
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