Email to SMS

Send and Receive SMS message via any Email client or Email capable system

Email to SMS Gateway allows you to send SMS messages and receive SMS replies in your email client, such as Microsoft Outlook. Our Email to SMS Gateway will automatically route SMS replies back to your Email Inbox.

Outlook Addin for SMS

Outlook® Users: If you are using Microsoft® Outlook® you can download our SMS Addin. The Outlook® Addin makes sending and receiving SMS messages from Microsoft® Outlook® simple and easy. More >>

Email to SMS Reply Routing

Our Email to SMS gateway can track multiple conversations between email users and mobile phone users. Session tracking will route SMS replies back to the originating email user.

Email to SMS Formats

To use the Email to SMS gateway, send an email to our gateway formatted in any of the following of ways:

Option 1:

Parameters are specified on the subject line. The email body contains the SMS text message.

Option 2:

Parameters are specified in the email body. The subject contains the SMS text message.

Option 3:

Phone numbers are specified in the email's To address. The subject contains the SMS text message.

Alternatively, the email body can contain the SMS text and the subject contains the username/password.

Option 4:

Phone number, username and password are specified in the email's To address. The email body contains the SMS text message.


These parameters can be specified in either the Subject line or the Email body.

Username: This is the username of your account
Password: This is the password for your account
To: This is the destination phone number. A maximum of 100 numbers can be specified, separated by commas.
From: (Optional) This is the source/sender's phone number (The default setting can be configured in your account preferences).
MaxConCat: (Optional) Maximum number of concatenated SMS messages that will be sent per recipient (The default setting can be configured in your account preferences).

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