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Text Messaging

Text Messaging service from IntelliSoftware is a reliable, fast and low-cost mobile messaging service. Our Internet to SMS gateway provides coverage to almost all operators in the world.

IntelliSoftware SMS Gateway can be used in the following ways:

Web to SMS

2-way SMS from your Web Browser

Send SMS messages from your web browser. Replies from you recipients can be viewed in your SMS Inbox.
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Email to SMS

2-way SMS from your Email Client

Send SMS messages from your standard Email client such as Outlook or Notes. Replies from your recipients will be routed back to your email inbox.
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SMS Gateway API

A range of interfaces are available to Integrate SMS functionality into your in-house systems

We can provide integration using HTTP, SMTP, COM Component, and .Net Component interfaces.

Receive SMS

Dedicated Virtual Numbers and Shortcode Keywords

Receive SMS messages from mobile phones. SMS messages received can be view in an online SMS Inbox, or forwarded to you via Email or HTTP Post.
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Receive MMS

Send and Receive MMS Messages

MMS Multimedia message can be sent and received using a Web Browser or API.
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IntelliSoftware SMS Gateway offers:

  • Reliable messaging at a competitive price
  • No charge for delivery reports
  • Receive SMS replies with no setup, monthly or per message costs
  • Send Branded Message - alphanumeric originator address (up to 11 characters)
  • Full MSISDN Originator Address - originator address can be real phone number
  • Full International Coverage - on both our Economy and UKDirect services
  • Free Software Components - for easy integration into your own software systems
  • Subscription Lists - Built-in management of subscription lists
  • Online reporting - provides delivery status of each message sent
  • Resilient - redundant and geographic separated servers ensure service continuity

Free Trial

Please feel free to trial our SMS texting service, simply click here to register and start sending SMS messages immediately with 5 free evaluation credits.

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